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Illustration for article titled Bret Easton Ellis and Rob Zombie making a Manson Family series

Having recently explored the violent, vapid deeds of dead-eyed Hollywood hangers-on in The Canyons, Bret Easton Ellis will now do that again—but in the ’60s—with a Fox limited series about the Manson Family. The longtime chronicler of socialites and sociopaths has teamed with Rob Zombie for a Manson miniseries told from several shifting perspectives, taking place before, during, and after the cult’s infamous murder spree in 1969—though Ellis took pains in a recent Vice interview to clarify, “I wouldn’t say it’s about the Manson murders.” He also took pains to call just about everyone part of “Generation Wuss,” so that’s probably a hint, along with the hiring of Rob Zombie, of what you can expect from Ellis’ approach to the grisly deaths of multiple real-life people. For Rob Zombie, Variety notes that he “has long been fascinated by the Manson Family slayings,” an added detail as necessary as saying “Rob Zombie has dreadlocks.”


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