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Brendan Fraser will play a 3-D William Tell

As the big, loud face of big, loud family films, Brendan Fraser was the obvious first choice to play the lead role in the big, loud William Tell: 3-D, a family action-adventure about the legendary archer who bravely waged war against apples—though equally importantly, against the Austrian empire, thereby helping to found Switzerland. Anna Paquin is currently in negotiations to star as Fraser’s wife, Zora, in the film to be directed by Nick Hurran. As to why the historical drama will be shot in 3-D (as though it needs justification at this point), producer Todd Moyer said that Fraser “was the driving force behind the movie being shot in 3-D,” presumably because his role in Journey To The Center Of The Earth cemented him as America’s most tangible actor. Feel free to use that on the posters.


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