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Brendan Fraser plots his comeback with a role on The Affair

(Photo: Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images)

With all these actors having career renaissances as of late, we know what you’re thinking: Where is Brendan Fraser, star of The Mummy and George Of The Jungle? Never fear, Fraser fans—your boy is back. According to Deadline, Fraser will have a recurring arc on Showtime’s The Affair. Details regarding the role are lacking, so it’s unclear whether he’ll be playing someone who has an extramarital relationship or someone adjacent to a person who has an extramarital relationship.

Now to be fair to Fraser, he hasn’t been entirely absent from the entertainment world. In 2015, he appeared in a History Channel miniseries about the Texas Rangers called Texas Rising, and in 2010 he was featured in the best Golden Globes GIF of all time. Fraser also has a couple of film projects in the works including The Field, a film in both English and Hindi about an Indian mafia family.


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