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Breeders frontwoman Kelley Deal debuts her new band, R. Ring

Breeders frontwoman Kelley Deal has started a new band, R. Ring, apparently out of boredom from waiting around while sister Kim is “real busy doing stuff with the Pixies." In press materials, the group—which also features and features Ampline’s Mike Montgomery—boasts that it’s “sparse, chaotic, abrasive, and lulling." Those who listen to the first single, “Fallout & Fire,” will probably agree with that.

R. Ring’s first 7-inch, which includes “Fallout & Fire,” arrives Oct. 30 on Misra. The band is also releasing an extremely limited version of its cover of the Devo song “Mr. DNA,” which comes attached to a hand-cut, griptape-covered block of wood and includes a cut of the song re-edited to synch up with a clip of skateboarder Kristian Svitak from an old 88Footwear highlight video. That deluxe set will be available starting at the band’s Aug. 29 show at the Southpark Tavern in Dayton, Ohio, and should be up for digital download around that time via Phratry Records.


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