HBO’s quest to bring in the female demographic continues, with Deadline reporting that the network has just signed on Molly Shannon to star in a comedy about a nun who decides to abandon the convent at the age of 40 to indulge in all the pleasures of the flesh, and who then “has to discover the modern world in all of its tawdriness.” Creator Tim Long (The Simpsons) describes it as “James Joyce meets Judd Apatow—a female 40-Year-Old Virgin with a huge dollop of Catholic weirdness thrown in,” which means Bill Donohue should be issuing a statement preemptively condemning it any second now. The as-yet-untitled show (please don’t be called Kicking The Habit, please) joins HBO's other female-centric comedies in development like the recently announced Veep, the Tea Leoni-starring Fall/Spring, the Diane Keaton “powerful blogger” comedy Tilda, Lizzy Caplan in I Don’t Care About Your Band, and that one about “the quest for the female orgasm.” That’s certainly a lot of lady comedies, HBO. Is this to compete with all those "woman with a secret" shows on Showtime, or just because True Blood: Pecs On Parade is really popular?