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Breaking: Goats everywhere

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Photo: David McNew (Getty Images)

Your attention, please: A suburban neighborhood in West Boise, Idaho was overtaken by goats this morning, as reporter Joe Parris of local news affiliate KTVB reported on Twitter. Initially estimated to be around 100 goats, later, cooler heads determined the goats to actually number 75. Still, that’s a lot of goats, just strolling around living deliciously, snacking on residents’ bushes and lawns:


The exact circumstances that led to this Satanic onslaught remain a mystery, but many of the goats have ear tags, suggesting that a Boise goat herder decided to sleep in (TGIF). KTVB reports that Animal Control arrived on the scene about 8:15 local time, before quickly realizing that one truck was not sufficient to round up the absolute shitload of goats that had invaded this quiet neighborhood. Then a truck with “We Rent Goats” painted on the side—presumably the herds’ owners, but we like to think that they just turned on the news and saw an opportunity—showed up to save the day:

Although this particular pestilence of goats has been brought to a satisfying conclusion, goats can be ornery little fuckers, as anyone who’s ever been bitten by a goat at a petting zoo can attest. So be careful out there, friends. You never know when the goats will descend.