Despite the fact that he repeatedly insisted he was "not looking for my Rock Of Like or my Rock Of Lust," Bret Michaels admits in a brand new (and hilarious) AP interview that [spoiler alert, I guess] this season's newly crowned winner Ambre may not exactly be his "Rock Of Love," saying only that she is "nice and cool and gets rock 'n' roll. We can see when it goes from here." Furthermore, despite the fact that finding "that one girl who can compete with my one true love, rock 'n' roll" was his go-to mantra throughout every fucking episode, Michaels now downplays all that, saying:

"I said this from day one: I went into this to have fun and maybe find someone to like. True love is not going to be found instantly on a TV show. That is only for scripted shows. Scripted reality, they give someone a show. It is the reason
Rock of Love has been the No. 1 show. It has been kept as real as possible. Anyone thinking they are going into a TV show finding love, they might find someone that they like and eventually learn to like them more. I think finding true love, I never went in with that intent."

So apparently that little speech Bret gave before every elimination round about how he was "looking for that one woman who I can truly love and who can love me back" was just a little bit of fake glued to the "real" stuff—kind of like how his hair is a combination of his actual hair and "the finest extensions Europe has to offer." So disillusioning!