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Illustration for article titled emBreaking Bad/ems prequel spinoff about Saul Goodman is basically a go at AMC

After months of negotiations that occasionally left fans as ragged as some of the character’s recent combovers, AMC has announced via press release that it's reached a licensing agreement with Sony for a Breaking Bad spinoff centered on Saul Goodman, still tentatively titled Better Call Saul (as though it could be called anything else). That means it’s now one big step closer to getting an actual series order, an announcement that’s surely forthcoming as soon as deals are nailed down with Vince Gilligan, writer-producer Peter Gould, and Bob Odenkirk, and decisions are made about what kind of hairpiece the younger Saul should wear.


For those who were worried that confirmation of a spinoff would be a huge spoiler, don’t worry: As we alluded to, this show will be a prequel series focused on the “evolution” of the Goodman character before he ever got tangled up with Walter White, thus saying nothing either way about the character’s fate on Breaking Bad. (Also, Walt kills everyone before using the ricin to commit suicide, and then Walt Jr. uses his awesome Internet skills to become the new meth kingpin of New Mexico by selling meth waffles online. So that’s how Breaking Bad ends, so now we can all move on.)

Anyway, we now also know for sure that the show will be one-hour, and not the 30-minute comedy that was occasionally rumored. Though, if Vince Gilligan’s earlier remarks are to be believed, it will be more humorous and less “dark” than Breaking Bad, so maybe horrible things only happen once every three episodes.

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