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Threatening to overshadow Bryan Cranston's guest turn on 30 Rock—which already bested Michael K. Williams on Community—for the most A.V. Club-pandering casting story of the year, Breaking Bad star Jonathan Banks will appear on the next season of Parks And Recreation. As show creator Mike Schur tells HitFix, Banks will play the father to Adam Scott's Ben Wyatt, with the character being conceived as acting just like Breaking Bad's Mike Ehrmentraut. "So somebody said, 'Well, why can't we just get Jonathan Banks?'" Schur concludes, which is a question that only people who work on other cult TV shows get to ask and actually have answered positively. Indeed, try it at your job next time there's a position to be filled and see what happens, because Jonathan Banks isn't doing your fucking spreadsheets. Anyway, Banks will join Glenne Headley, who TV Guide reports will be playing Ben's mom, with Banks' presence especially probably explaining a lot about Ben's natural nervousness.


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