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Breaking Bad's David Costabile got himself another AMC show

David Costabile—he of the always solid if often unsung (if not always un-sung) supporting roles on cult favorites Flight Of The Conchords, The Wire, and, most relevantly and memorably, Breaking Bad—has landed what seems to be a fairly significant role on AMC's Low Winter Sun. As previously reported, the Detroit-relocated adaptation of a British miniseries delves into police corruption as sparked by the murder of a cop by another cop, making for another bleak AMC murder-mystery that should be alleviated by the fact that viewers will already know who did it, so they can shut up. Also, the soothing presence of Breaking Bad's Gale Boetticher, world's most affable meth manufacturer, who co-stars alongside Lennie James, Mark Strong, and 24's Sprague Grayden, bringing some of the same "Hey, it's that guy!" magic he's also contributed to shows ranging from Damages to Suits. Note to AMC: There is still time to make Low Winter Sun a Cop Rock-like musical and take advantage of this.

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