After several seasons spent being chipper about her fictional husband’s impairment on Breaking Bad, Betsy Brandt is now moving on to more of the same with a co-starring role on Michael J. Fox’s as-yet-untitled NBC sitcom. Brandt joins a quickly solidifying cast that also includes her fellow-cable-about-to-be-refugee, Treme’s Wendell Pierce, as Fox’s boss, I Hate My Teenage Daughter’s Katie Finneran as his sister, and Person Of Interest’s Conor Romero as his college dropout son—all of them revolving around Fox as he tries to juggle his family, his career as a newscaster, and his Parkinson’s disease, which makes juggling especially difficult. Her casting also joins the seemingly daily parade of reminders that Breaking Bad is about to end, which is becoming its own life-upending affliction that isn’t necessarily all that funny.

Anyway, this sort of sums that up: