Since its final episode aired in 2013, the absense of Breaking Bad has left an RV-shaped hole in America’s collective heart. But 2015 brings good news, as one of Walt and Jesse’s former costars is making a triumphant return—this time on the electronic dance music circuit.


As the above flyer reveals, R.J. Mitte—who played guileless breakfast enthusiast Walter White, Jr. for five seasons—has become a DJ, headlining a Breaking Bad-themed party at B.B. King’s Blues Club in Times Square on April 10. The same promoters who brought you Hodor in “Rave Of Thrones” are putting on this similarly TV-themed music event under the name “Breaking Beats,” where Mitte will spin records for a night that’s nominally in the spirit of his former show. Presumably, that means many people will be high on meth, and before the night is over, someone will end up being dissolved in a barrel of acid, all set to a thumping, Mitte-provided soundtrack.

[via Death And Taxes]