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Breaking Bad’s Mark Margolis will guest star on Constantine

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NBC’s Constantine is a comic book adaptation about a snarky British guy who fights supernatural monsters while smoking and not being bisexual, so it tends to feature scary things like a recording of Satan’s voice or a demon lady that steals babies. What it doesn’t have, though, is a former member of a Mexican drug cartel who is now confined to a wheelchair and uses a little bell to tell people how much he hates them. We’re talking, of course, about Breaking Bad‘s Hector Salamanca, the terrifying uncle of season two villain Tuco and the guy who blew up half of Gus Fring’s face. Until now, that is.

OK, not exactly. Hector Salamanca isn’t joining Constantine and kicking off the weirdest crossover in TV history, but the guy who played him is. According to Entertainment Weekly, Mark Margolis has signed on to appear in Constantine’s upcoming January 23 episode—titled “Quid Pro Quo”—as DC’s evil sorcerer Felix Faust. In the comics, Faust is a pretty low-tier bad guy, usually popping up to disguise himself as someone else so he can trick a good guy into doing something evil. Given his status as a low-tier bad guy, it rarely works. But Margolis was pretty awesome on Breaking Bad, so maybe he can counteract some of that ineffectiveness.

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