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Breaking Bad’s final season will include Satanic rituals, death-by-ATM, according to Taiwanese animators

Seemingly no longer content with bringing its poorly translated, hilariously literal, and increasingly self-aware perspective to real-life subjects like James Franco, Louis CK, and Lana Del Rey, Taiwan’s Next Media Animation has turned its attentions to speculative previews of fictional television shows, as evidenced by this “official trailer” for season five of Breaking Bad. Considering that pretty much the only thing that’s been leaked about season five thus far is that it’ll be divided into two parts, it’s pretty impressive that NMA was able to sniff out scoops like Gus rising from the dead in a Satanic ritual, Walt dying after being crushed by a falling ATM, and Jesse and a miraculously healed Walt Jr. taking revenge on Los Pollos Hermanos. Or, you know, they just made it up. But hey, at least it provides an excuse to relive Gale’s sterling performance of “Major Tom,” and we can only hope that season five will kick off to the strains of “Car Wash.”

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