Despite the fact that Breaking Bad will never end—it will, in fact, continue to trace the story of Walter White through multiple generations of descendants, until a bionically enhanced Holly finally rules over a post-apocalyptic, sandworm-ravaged New Mexico wasteland, ruthlessly controlling the distribution of Big Blue Spice—the truth is that, no, it actually will end, and its principals continue to remind us of that instead of playing along with our delusions.

First, creator Vince Gilligan gave this lengthy interview to Vulture about what to expect as the series begins winding down next summer: The ending is, even now, still evolving. "It's going to be polarizing no matter how you slice it." He looks to Casablanca's ending for inspiration and hopes to provide "that kind of satisfaction." The finale will have a "certain kind of circularity" that "echoes" the first episode.  While he feels Walter should be punished, "I don’t feel any real pressure to pay off the characters, morally speaking." The series' many subtle nods to The Godfather may well culminate with "a more overt tip of the hat" in the finale. He's still suggesting that Saul will go on ("This is a guy who’s going to survive while the rest of us have been nuked into annihilation. He’ll be the worst-dressed cockroach in the world.") And there definitely will be no movie. "Rightly or wrongly, there will be a conclusive ending," Gilligan says, again refusing to stop saying that and just keep making Breaking Bad.


And now we know exactly when that ending will begin, thanks to Aaron Paul, who took to his Twitter account to say, "New episodes of Breaking Bad will air July 14th. Get ready to break some shit." Like the convention that, just because a series finale has been planned and telegraphed repeatedly, a show has to end? No. Likely just our hearts and shit.