Like so many of us, George R.R. Martin watched last Sunday’s episode of Breaking Bad instead of finishing the next installment of our massively popular fantasy saga that we’ve been putting off, much to our fans’ frustration. And then, after the shock of “Ozymandias” subsided, George R.R. Martin finally put fingers to keys and began to tap out what we’ve all been longing to read: a blog about how awesome Breaking Bad is, particularly how “there’s no way in hell” Martin’s own Game Of Thrones—or any other show for that matter—stands a chance at defeating it at the Emmys next year. Also, as Martin writes in the thing that you definitely wanted most to read from him, “Ozymandias” led him to conclude, “Walter White is a bigger monster than anyone in Westeros. I need to do something about that.”

Of course, this is obviously a question open to furious debate: Walter White a bigger monster than Joffrey? Than Ramsay Snow? Than Sir Monsterface of Monsterly Rock, The One With The Monsters? George R.R. Martin doing something? No doubt arguments will rage on, until Martin at last completes his next epic work on how Brooklyn Nine-Nine was pretty good.  [via UPROXX]