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Breaking Bad-ify your name with this app

In a bit of clever marketing for the return of Breaking Bad on August 11, AMC has created an “Name Lab” Facebook App, which produces images mimicking the show’s opening credits by finding periodic-table elements in users’ names. It then offers downloadable images (conveniently sized for Facebook profile pics and cover photos) tagged with #allbadthingsmustcometoanend, in a foreboding wink to this set of episodes being the show’s, and likely Walter White’s, last). Sadly, it only works with the name linked to your profile page, so you can’t go crazy and try to stump the app.

The app also serves as a sort of Breaking Bad tarot: What do your chemical elements say about you? Sulfur and neon: You’re probably a decent presence to have at strained poolside family parties, but won’t be king-pinning international methamphetamine rings anytime soon. [Pop Candy]


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