Steven Michael Quezada as Agent Steven Gomez on Breaking Bad (Photo: Ursula Coyote/AMC)

Steven Michael Quezada, who played one of Albuquerque’s least effective public servants on Breaking Bad, is now running for actual office in New Mexico, the Associated Press reports. On the show, Quezada portrayed DEA agent Steven Gomez, whose job is to dismiss his partner’s accurate suspicions about the “Heisenberg” meth kingpin and also to fall for every misdirection ploy unleashed by Heisenberg’s associates. Gomez’s greatest investigative triumph comes when the proprietor of a regional fast-food chain gets his face blown off, which leads Gomez to shrewdly deduce—with his long-suffering partner’s help—that there might be more to the case than a dispute over fried chicken.

In his campaign for Bernalillo County Commissioner (Bernalillo County includes Albuquerque, which is the county seat), Quezada hopes to present himself as a force for change. The candidate, who’s already a member of the Albuquerque school board, told the AP that he hopes to fight development sprawl and cast himself as a “new face” in the Democratic Party who can help improve the diversity of New Mexico politics.


Quezada may have attempted to announce his candidacy today by posting a link on Twitter, but the link led nowhere, so the campaign is off to a Gomez-esque start.

UPDATE: Observant commenter pzerzan notes that Quezada recently figured out Twitter links long enough to post some anti-vaccination literature to his account, though we don’t yet know if needlessly sick children will be an official part of his campaign platform. Carrey-Quezada in 2020?