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Break out the rosé, because it’s Love Week at The A.V. Club

Saturday is Valentine’s Day, so The A.V. Club staff is spending this week in a haze of cotton candy fog, chocolate-covered strawberries, and remarkably soft plush versions of Bob’s Burgers characters. That’s right—it’s our annual Love Week at The A.V. Club, when our fancy lightly turns to romance and/or crushing, soul-wrecking heartbreak.


Today, you’ve got pieces about Marcy Playground’s “Sex And Candy” and what happens when fictional teachers get too involved in their students’ sexual education. Later this week, we’ll be talking about the band Love’s Forever Changes, grand romantic gestures that are actually really creepy, and Palme D’Or winner Amour. We’ll also be choking down all sorts of Valentine’s treats for a romantic, rosé-filled Taste Test with comedian Ian Karmel.

Continuing our long-held tradition, we also took your romantic queries to two great, happily-in-love couples—Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon, and Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher—and we’ll be bringing you their romantic science later in the week. So pop open a bottle of your most mid-range champagne, use some coupon codes to order an iffy bouquet from 1-800-Flowers, and put on something silky, because The A.V. Club’s love week is about to woo your minds, bodies, and hearts.

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