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Bravo to reopen the old wounds of the Cola Wars

Bravo is looking to move beyond reality shows where people argue melodramatically over insignificant things to fictional series where they do that, developing a drama set during the 1980s "Cola Wars." Yes, the Cola Wars—when brother took up sticky arm against brother, and many a life was lost to the battle for supremacy between Coke and Pepsi as they fired their damnable ad torpedoes. We was comin' back from the Pepsi Challenge; just delivered the bomb. The Crystal bomb. Bill Cosby and Max Headroom slammed into our side. Eleven hundred men went into the brown sugar water. Didn't see the first cola shark for about half an hour, and so on. Anyway, Flipping Out showrunner Andrew Hogel will take his particular skills for creating heightened drama out of next to nothing with a show set in New York that will flash back to that dark period in American advertising history, surely devoting its first-season cliffhanger to the imminent deployment of New Coke. Many a man still wakes up screamin' at the thought, convinced they're back there in the jingles.

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