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Bravo’s new logo looks like you’re supposed to say it sarcastically

In a move meant to reflect its shifting programming strategy—but unintentionally rendering all future mentions of the cable channel in a Steven Wright-esque deadpan—Bravo debuted its new logo yesterday. Gone are the capital “B,” the bold, brassy typeface, and the tint of blue that said “Let’s get tipsy on cheap wine and dish about Real Housewives.” They’re replaced by lither lettering, a sheered-off “b” that visually connects Bravo to its NBCUniversal cousin Chiller, and the impression that conversational references to the channel should come out like a withering retort accompanied by a contemptuous slow clap. “Bravo,” says the newly blocky speech bubble, never looking up from its phone as its scrolls through the keyboard to find the eyeroll emoji.


The logo is part of a complete branding overhaul that extends to the channel’s jingle, its website, and its attempts to appeal to the young adult males that advertisers crave. Variety notes the rebranding’s “gender-neutral” color palette, with Bravo’s senior VP of creative Amy Troiano adding, “We have Real Housewives, which interestingly a lot of men watch […] but we also have a lot more shows that we’re seeing more males come to.” And now those masculine men have no reason to fear that their macho bros will look down on them for watching newer scripted Bravo series like Odd Mom Out, Girlfriends’ Guide To Divorce, or the new con-artist drama Imposters. Because if any of those totally hetero buds ask “Hey Andy Brohen, whatcha watching,” they can respond with an unemotional “Bravo,” and no one will ever know that they’re being sincere.

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