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Bravo orders more reality series, celebrities, and Andy Cohen

(Photo: Bravo)

With all the axe-swinging and renewing that’s gone on at the broadcast networks lately, it’s easy to forget that there’s also plenty of strategizing going on at their cable counterparts. But there’s plenty of news coming from Bravo, the destination for TV shows about rich people who have problems, as well as rich people who have problems with other rich people. We know, Bravo also has some solid scripted comedies, including Girlfriends’ Guide To Divorce and Odd Mom Out. But according to The Hollywood Reporter, the network’s beefing up its unscripted content, and is moving forward with seven new series, including a game show.

Bravo’s ordered a new show from Watch What Happens Live! host and Real Housewives executive producer Andy Cohen. The series, Look Who’s Hosting Live, will see Cohen stick to his cozy Watch What Happens environs—complete with onstage bar—but giving up the hosting chair to various celebrities. These famous people won’t just be reading from teleprompters and schmoozing with other famous people, though. They’ll be responsible for all of a talk show host’s duties, including writing a monologue, selecting guests, and picking a sidekick.


Also on the development slate is I’d Kill For That, a game show wherein participants try to answer trivia questions and brain teasers in order to win the luxury item of their dreams. There will also be “hilarious physical obstacles,” which is almost certainly not just a euphemism for the dead bodies left in the wake of these designer goods-driven contestants. I’d Kill For That stands in stark contrast to Stripped, an adaptation of a Scandinavian series in which contestants are divested of everything they own before entering into a survival contest that sees them slowly winning back only the things they need. We look forward to the crossover event between these two shows.

But it’s not all avarice and sacrifice—Bravo’s also picked up Employee Of The Month, which is some kind of salesperson-mentoring show, as well as Real Estate Wars, which is a salesperson competition show. Even if the content doesn’t really pique your interest, you’ve got to hand it to Bravo for striving for balance in its programming.

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