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Bravo cancels Work Of Art, preferring its art to be in the background of bickering rich people

After two seasons of proposing that the pressures of timed competition that have driven innovative cuisine and clothes design could also produce fine art—or, in the case of several contestants, at least some naked pictures of yourself—Bravo's Work Of Art has been canceled, according to a report on Gallerist NY. The show is currently being shopped to other networks by its producer Dan Cutforth, who has hope that someone else will recognize its oddly compelling, not-yet-formulaic charms, and the value of its message that art is subjective and, often, so clearly stupid and forced that it's kind of infuriating. In the meantime, Bravo will continue to explore the art world from a perspective it's more comfortable with: as a meaningless backdrop to the petty arguments of entitled women. [via Vulture]


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