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Bravo adding TV version of The Joneses to go with its other fake families

Two years ago, The A.V. Club put the 2009 David Duchovny/Demi Moore comedy The Joneses at the top of our list of movies that were botched in execution and ready to be remade, and as such we are prepared to take full credit and/or blame for the news that Bravo is now doing exactly that. Deadline reports that the network, as part of its foray into more explicitly scripted fare, has picked up a pilot that was previously being developed for ABC by Life Unexpected's Liz Tigelaar—arguably a more perfect match, seeing as the film concerns a bunch of actors pretending to be a family with normal family problems in order to sell things, and that is the sort of thing Bravo likes, when it's not pitting narcissists against each other in competition or trying to make them date. Perhaps if The Jones doesn’t work out at Bravo, E! might be interested in basically admitting some stuff.


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