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Braveheart: The TV Show in development, basically

Illustration for article titled emBraveheart: The TV Show/em in development, basically

Long before the likes of Starz’s Spartacus and HBO’s Game Of Thrones and their sword-and-sandals-and-sometimes-naked-people storytelling, Mel Gibson’s Braveheart combined epic battle scenes and bare asses to great success. So Braveheart has returned to reclaim what is rightfully his: A group of Scottish and American producers is preparing the TV drama Wallace, a small-screen retelling of the Scottish leader’s life said to be “in the vein of” those aforementioned shows, with all the sex and swordplay that implies. The Eleventh Hour’s Mick Davis will write and executive produce the project, which focuses on William Wallace’s “back story, his years spent attempting to unify Scotland, his loves and losses, as well as his legendary battles with King Edward the Longshank and rival Robert the Bruce,” each week offering another chapter in Wallace’s fight to protect Scotland’s freedom. Its sexy, sexy freedom.


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