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Brass Bed offers “More Than You Can Imagine” on its new track

Brass Bed (Photo: Alison Bohl DeHart)

Brass Bed has always been good at feeling at home in the in-between. For its fourth album, In The Yellow Leaf, the band continues to thrive in the space between rootsy country and psych-rock. The A.V. Club is premiering “More Than You Can Imagine” below, one of In The Yellow Leaf’s tracks that highlights the band’s ability to shift from washed out loops to twangy choruses without ever jarring the listener. Pre-orders for In The Yellow Leaf are available now through Modern Outsider ahead of the album’s release on April 15.


Brass Bed tour dates

March 30—116 E. Mobile—Florence, AL
March 31—The Caledonia Lounge—Athens, GA
April 1—Gravity Records—Wilmington, NC
April 2—1984—Wilmington, DE
April 3—Holy Underground—Baltimore, MD
April 4—Cake Shop—Manhattan, NY
April 5—The Saint—Asbury Park, NJ
April 6—Our Wicked Lady—Brooklyn, NY
April 7—Songbyrd—Washington, DC
April 8—The New Vintage—Louisville, KY
April 14—Gasa Gasa—New Orleans, LA (Album Release Party)
April 15—Feed N Seed—Lafayette, LA (Album Release Party)
April 21—Historic Scoot Inn—Austin, TX

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