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With only a few short months to go before Game Of Thrones returns for its final season, fans of the show are running out of time to air out their theories on how, exactly, everything will come to an end. True to form, last night’s teaser—a goofily serious little clip of Jon, Arya, and Sansa grimacing in the Winterfell crypts—has inspired a real doozy that aims to answer the question of why Bran, the last surviving Stark boy, wasn’t present alongside his siblings.


As explained by Mashable, the solution may be that Bran actually was in the clip ... but in the form of the icy mist that prompted the other Starks to draw their weapons and turn around to look purposefully toward it. While this doesn’t make a lot of sense on its surface, the idea stems from a long-standing theory that because of a whole lot of time-traveling, shape-shifting nonsense, Bran is actually that mean, frosty ol’ Night King leading the White Walker army toward a confrontation with the show’s human nations. Hence, his presence might be signified by a spooky cold patch of fog that threatens his remaining family.

A more detailed explanation is available here, but the theory’s beginning to engulf the Twitterverse as well.


If all of this sounds a bit convoluted, that doesn’t mean it might not turn out to be true. For years and years, book and TV show devotees speculated that Jon and Daenerys are related based on the tiniest of hints from the show’s flashbacks, only to have that idea confirmed with a horrific incest scene from the last season’s finale. Considering all the magical mischief that’s seeped into the plot over time, who’s to say that the series won’t reveal Bran to be an undead horror creature, too?

Game Of Thrones’ final season debuts April 14.

[via Mashable]

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