Recently relieved from his duties as the Charlie Brown of cinematic Supermen (‚ÄúGood grief‚ÄĚ Henry Cavill says from within a still from¬†Superman V. Batman: Happiness Is A Warm Dawn), Brandon Routh will get a second crack at playing a DC superhero. The Val Kilmer of the cinematic Supermen (be nice‚ÄĒsome authors of this Newswire actually like Batman Forever)¬†has signed on for a recurring role on Arrow, playing Ray Palmer in the CW series‚Äô third season. The Arrow universe‚Äôs Palmer is the new owner of Queen Consolidated, putting Routh‚Äôs character on a collision course with Stephen Amell‚Äôs Oliver Queen and his bow-carrying alter ego.

Comics fans will know Ray Palmer as the secret identity of the Atom, who, after his life was put on a collision course with some white dwarf star matter, discovered that he could change his size at will.¬†The Palmer version of the Atom also factored into the limited series Countdown To Final Crisis, opening up the possibility for Arrow¬†to play the nexus of a Crisis of Infinite Rouths, in which Routh‚Äôs many comic-book roles‚ÄĒClark Kent/Superman, Ray Palmer/Atom, Everywhere Man from The Batman, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World‚Äôs Todd Ingram‚ÄĒconverge on Starling City, seeking to merge their universes and erase¬†Dylan Dog: Dead Of Night from the continuity of the actor‚Äôs filmography.