Killers singer Brandon Flowers has always been pretty open about being a member of Joseph Smith's flock. But in a new video produced by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Flowers has stepped up to become an actual pitchman for the Mormon faith. Like all great ads, it's difficult to discern what exactly the video is selling, as Flowers doesn't actually say the word "Mormon" until the the very last seconds of the four-minute video. (It's actually the last word he says.) Mormonism is like a sports car, in that the price involved can scare off potential customers at first. So Flowers eases into it, talking about his 17 nieces and nephews and how pop music has connotations of being "very sex-driven, or money-driven." He then discusses how fans will dismiss his faith in a misguided attempt to get chummy:

A lot of people love to come up to me and tell me they were raised in the church, and they expect there to be this camaraderie about, "Oh we've outgrown it now, and we're smart enough now to not be in it." And it started happening so often that it really made me take a look at myself, and I realized I was raised in it and there's still a fire burning in there.


Finally, the video ends with: "My name is Brandon Flowers, and I'm a father, a husband, and I'm a Mormon." Check out the video below. [via Consequence Of Sound]