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Photo: Rachel Luna (Getty Images)

The already-good cast of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Netflix movie Tick, Tick… Boom! is getting even better, with Variety reporting that Andrew Garfield, Alexandra Shipp, and Vanessa Hudgens will now be joined by Judith Light, Joshua Henry, and Bradley Whitford. The film will be Miranda’s feature directorial debut—which, given literally everything else he’s done, means expectations are pretty high—and it’s based on an original stage production written by Rent’s Jonathan Larson about his dream of writing a great musical while working as a waiter and resisting the societal pull to get a “real job” that “pays money.”

Light will be playing Rosa Stevens, Henry (a three-time Tony nominee) will be playing Roger, and Whitford will be playing none other than “Broadway kingpin” Stephen Sondheim… or at least someone named Stephen Sondheim, because Variety doesn’t know for sure if he’s the Stephen Sondheim.


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