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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
Illustration for article titled Bradley Whitford to bring the worlds of emParks And Recreation/em and emThe West Wing/em even closer together

The Huffington Post has a whole bunch of potential spoilers for the rest of the Parks And Recreation season (which you can read here if so inclined), but perhaps the one of greatest interest—especially to that Venn diagram overlap of Parks and West Wing fans that surely exists—is that Bradley Whitford has an upcoming guest spot. The Aaron Sorkin muse will turn up as the departing city councilman whose seat Leslie is running for, inspiring an episode that’s reportedly crammed with West Wing homages—most obviously its title, “Live Ammo,” which intentionally recalls one of Rob Lowe’s lines from that show (a line that Whitford’s character will actually say aloud at some point). Unfortunately, while producers have not ruled out the possibility of a trademark “walk-and-talk,” they have already denied that Lowe and Whitford will share a scene, thus failing to fulfill the most obvious of all your Parks And Recreation/West Wing mash-up dreams. Alas, such a reunion will still have to take place solely in your crossover fan-fiction that you shouldn’t share with us, thanks anyway.


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