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While Hollywood might have led an unsuspecting public to believe that German villains were only around during WWII, Warner Bros. is bravely bringing a spotlight to some evil WWI-era Germans as well—specifically, the German saboteurs responsible for several major bombings in the United States before the country officially entered the war. The story comes from the soon-to-be published Howard Blum book called Dark Invasion, which Deadline reports Warner Bros. recently acquired the rights to. It tells the true story of New York Police Inspector Tom Tunney who was assigned to stop the attacks and hunt down “the first terrorist cell in America.”


Bradley Cooper is set to play the heroic Tunney, a “cunning Irish cop” who gathers a loyal group of operatives to hunt down the Germans before they can use germ warfare, bomb the U.S. Capitol, or assassinate J.P. Morgan. Cooper will produce the film alongside John Lesher and the screenplay will be written by Taylor Sheridan, a writer and actor best known for his turn as Deputy Hale on Sons Of Anarchy. Cooper will presumably complete his turn in The Elephant Man on Broadway before donning the police uniform and “cunning” smile of Tunney.

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