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According to Deadline, lovable space raccoon/handsome actor man Bradley Cooper will be making his directorial debut with New Line’s Honeymoon With Harry. Nothing Cooper-wise has been made official yet, but the script is being written by Galavant and The Neighbors’ Dan Fogelman. Apparently, the film centers around a guy whose fiancée dies shortly before their wedding, inspiring him to go on their honeymoon alone and—in Deadline‘s words—“drink himself to death.” However, his betrothed’s father—who hates him—ends up going on the same trip at the same time so he can spread his daughter’s ashes. Deadline doesn’t go much further than that, but we assume both guys refuse to acknowledge the other’s grief and they continue hating each other until the credits roll. It’ll be a delightful romp that’s fun for the whole family.


Robert De Niro has expressed interest in playing the dad, and Cooper had actually been attached to play the son, so it seems like he’ll have a good chance of getting that part if he also gets the directing job. Then they could get Jennifer Lawrence to play the dead fiancée and it would be a big Silver Linings Playbook reunion. Or they could get some of those brain pills from Limitless, make it a Limitless reunion, and then everyone would be too smart to be sad.

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