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Bradley Cooper probably gets to romance Emma Stone in Cameron Crowe's next movie

Cameron Crowe has honed in on the male lead for his untitled, Emma Stone-starring romantic comedy, choosing Bradley Cooper as the man who—and we are merely speculating—finds his life upended and slightly uncertain about what direction he should take, until he discovers the strength to reinvent himself by unexpectedly falling for an unconventional woman. Classic-rock songs may also play in the background. All we do know for certain is that the film has "a tone reminiscent of past Crowe films Almost Famous and Jerry Maguire," which are coincidentally the ones that most people like, and that this will be another film in which Cooper gets to romance a much younger, currently popular actress, after making two movies with Jennifer Lawrence. "Hi, I'm Bradley Cooper. I'm a movie star and I speak French and I was People's 'Sexiest Man Alive' last year. Could you point me in the direction of your nearest pretty twentysomething actress, please?" is what Bradley Cooper gets to say.


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