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Bradley Cooper is rumored to take over Indiana Jones

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In December it was announced that Disney had acquired rights to the Indiana Jones franchise, declaring that it belongs in a museum, where no one can exploit it. Still, as with all things of archaeological import, one can only wait about 45 minutes before being overcome by the desire to get your hands all over it. So naturally, talk has begun about making a new Indiana Jones film, one with or without Harrison Ford. According to Latino Reviewas well as common sense, time is running out for the 71-year-old actor to reprise his role as the globetrotting adventurer—even if, like his hunt for “knowledge” in Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, he only goes after intangible, easy-to-lift treasures from now on. So it says the studio is considering rebooting Indiana Jones with a new actor, a la James Bond—a list that, reportedly, currently begins with Bradley Cooper.


While this is obviously still just talk, the site says its same insider previously gave it the scoop on Cooper’s casting in Guardians Of The Galaxy, and so they do seem to be a fairly reliable source on things Disney and Bradley Cooper. For whatever it’s worth, that same source also says Frank Darabont has already pitched an idea for another Indiana Jones movie—one that could turn into something possibly starring Bradley Cooper, or one that LR itself admits could go nowhere.

Yet whatever the outcome, given Ford’s advancing age and Disney’s interest in making good on its investment, an Indiana Jones reboot definitely seems inevitable, whether it’s with Cooper or someone else. And for anyone who has a knee-jerk reaction to seeing Ford’s wry, world-weary stoicism yield to Cooper’s glib smugness, or for Indiana Jones to be played by Rocket Raccoon, remember that an actual raccoon would be preferable to Shia LaBeouf. He could hunt for treasure in garbage cans and whip people with his tail!