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Bradley Cooper is directing a remake of A Star Is Born, wants Beyoncé to star

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Apparently Bradley Cooper and Clint Eastwood had some time to talk about Barbra Streisand and/or Judy Garland movies while filming American Sniper, because Cooper has stepped in to direct the remake of A Star Is Born that Eastwood was trying to get off the ground back in 2012. Also, just like Eastwood, Cooper reportedly wants Beyoncé to star in the film. This comes from Deadline, which reports that Cooper also intends to star in the project—which he was even in talks for with Eastwood’s version.


This latest take on A Star Is Born will be a remake of the remake of the remake, and like all of those old A Star Is Borns, it will focus on a young woman who wants to be a singer and her relationship with an older, has-been musician. The last remake starred Barbra Streisand as the woman and Kris Kristofferson as the man, the version before that starred Judy Garland and James Mason (as the woman and the man), and the original starred Janet Gaynor and Fredric March. Someday, they’ll remake the Bradley Cooper version, and it will star Miley Cyrus and Josh Hutcherson.

A Star Is Born is being referred to as Cooper’s “directorial debut,” despite the fact that we already reported that Honeymoon With Harry would be his directorial debut. Presumably, that means he intends to make this movie before he makes that movie. However, Beyoncé hasn’t actually been officially offered the starring role yet, so he still has some work to do before this goes into production.

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