It seems as though Bradley Cooper will horn in on the special relationship between Ryan Gosling and his Blue Valentine director Derek Cianfrance, with Cooper joining his brother in sudden ubiquity in the upcoming The Place Beyond The Pines. When last we considered the project, we knew only that it was “Jack London-inspired” and involved both motorcycles and guns, conjuring images of a pack of howling Ryan Goslings mushing across the tundra, lashed to a machine gun-mounted Harley Davidson.

As it turns out, it’s slightly less interesting than that: Gosling will play a professional motorcycle rider who resorts to robbing banks to support his son, his well-intended criminal scheme running afoul of Cooper’s rookie cop. It’s a combustible combination of on-screen firepower that’s just like Al Pacino and Robert De Niro in Heat, only without most of that stuff we just said. Anyway, given Cianfrance spent nearly a year forcing his Blue Valentine stars to live together to develop their chemistry, we look forward to him enacting the same experiment with Gosling and Cooper. Perhaps they can turn it into a web series called Gosling And The Coop, where the two share a too-small apartment and spend the day one-upping each other by seeing who can sign on to the most projects.