With the promise of getting to stretch himself even more dramatically, and two future movie shifts that will be covered at his choosing, Bradley Cooper has agreed to come in and replace Jude Law on Jane Got A Gun. It’s just the latest personnel swap on the production, which has been beleaguered by the kind of staffing issues and behind-the-scenes bickering one would normally expect from your local coffee shop: First Michael Fassbender quit, then director Lynne Ramsay just didn’t show up for work, and then Jude Law decided he shouldn’t have to be there either, leaving just Natalie Portman and Joel Edgerton attached to a project that’s begun to seem cursed. But now Cooper is in talks to join new director Gavin O’Connor as he attempts to keep it afloat, with Cooper playing the villainous leader of a gang out to kill Portman’s husband, and satisfying investors who were beginning to feel that things were slowly slipping away just because so many people were slowly slipping away. And the film is back on track to have everyone actually show up to work when they’re supposed to, provided not everybody goes to Dave’s party this weekend.