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Brad Pitt to produce adaptation of YA sci-fi hacker book

Brad Pitt in By The Sea

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment and Warner Bros. have picked up the rights to adapt Illuminae, a best-selling and critically acclaimed YA sci-fi novel. The book was written by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kritstoff, and it’s about “a teenage hacker and her fighter pilot ex-boyfriend” (which is so much cooler than dating a vampire or Liam Hemsworth) who “unearth a conspiracy surrounding an intergalactic war that has them dealing with an enemy race, rogue artificial intelligence, and a deadly virus.” Also, it’s set in 2575 and involves intergalactic space travel, in case that premise didn’t have enough sci-fi elements. Finally, THR notes that the book is “told through a dossier of found documents,” like sci-fi text messages and hacked files, but the adaptation probably won’t bother with that since an epistolary movie isn’t really a thing (unless Unfriended counts). Plan B is looking for a writer to put together the adaptation’s script now, as well as some good-looking young people to play the teenage hacker and her rad ex-boyfriend.


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