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Brad Pitt orders "Straight Pride" parade organizers to cease the use of his image

Photo: Andreas Rentz (Getty Images)

As sure as the sun will rise, each year Pride Month is protested by a faction of very upset heterosexuals who really curse the idea of not being oppressed. This year, a group in Boston by the name of Super Happy Fun America (no, really), who claims to “advocate for the straight community,” decided to organize a “Straight Pride” parade for the non-cause and went as far as to appoint Brad Pitt as their unwilling mascot. Per The Hollywood Reporter, Pitt has officially ordered the group to cease using his name and image to further their agenda. The group responded by immediately removing his photos from their site.

As of now, Super Happy Fun America has not been granted the permit needed to carry out their bullshit parade, but they have already replaced Pitt with a new public face: far-right author Milo Yiannopoulos...who is openly gay. Any attempts to make sense of any of this would be an overt waste of time, so we’ll just return to our Pride playlists and favorite queer media.


[Via The Guardian]

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