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Brad Pitt gives Jimmy Fallon something better than an interview: Lots and lots of food

Have you ever wanted Brad Pitt to send delicious food to your table? It’ll never happen, but don’t let that stop you from living vicariously through Jimmy Fallon in the above clip. The Ad Astra actor appeared in a sketch for the late-night host as opposed to doing a regular interview. In it, the two start a weird competition to outdo each other when it comes to sending fancy food.

It all starts with a drink that Pitt sends to Fallon in “Courtesy Of The Gentleman At The Bar.” This spirals out of control pretty quickly when absurd delectables like a seafood tower and 30 hot dogs exchange tables. What’s funniest, perhaps, is how both parties appear to feel obligated that they must consume all that’s being sent their way. Other “gifts” include a three-tier wedding cake, an edible fruit arrangement, and, of course, a single red M&M. Trust us when we say the best is truly saved for the last.


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