Brad Pitt and Robert Zemeckis are working together on a mysterious new film, and that’s pretty much all that anybody’s saying right now. No title, no premise. In fact, here’s a quick list of every detail we’ve been able to glean so far: It’s a movie, probably. Paramount Pictures is producing. Pitt and Zemeckis are involved. It’s “a big-scale thriller,” that also, paradoxically, contains romance. There will probably be craft services on set. Steven Knight, screenwriter of Eastern Promises and writer/director of 2013’s Locke, will pen the script. It’s going to be filmed in the fall.

So, it looks like we’ve got everything you need to play everyone’s favorite game: Rampant movie speculation Mad Libs! We’ll get you started with a sample entry.

While vacationing in Vermont to watch the leaves change color, Special Agent Jack Steele comes across evidence of a vast, globe-spanning conspiracy that threatens the very fabric of American society. Going on the run, he’s forced to take a woman hostage, and they inevitably fall in love. While fleeing the wrath of the secretly evil Secretary of Agriculture of the United States of America, the pair are forced into some kind of car chase, and maybe some of the creepy CGI people from The Polar Express show up, but in the end, everything turns out okay.


There you go, a template for hours of fun of pretending to be a big-shot movie executive. Just erase our words from the blanks, and let the movie magic begin!