Syriana writer/director Stephen Gaghan is hoping to sign some especially major stars to his new film, Candy Store. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Gaghan is currently in talks with Brad Pitt and Denzel Washington for the leads in his forthcoming crime thriller, described as a “two-hander” (in that it focuses on only two characters) about a highly trained police investigator who starts over as a workday beat cop. Jamie Foxx has also expressed interest in a role, meaning this two-hander could become a three-man dogpile over what sounds like a good bet for a Best Actor nomination. But don’t go redrawing your “six degrees” network web just yet: The article notes that discussions are merely “in the nascent stage” at this point, meaning they may or may not crystalize into anything real. As it stands, Denzel Washington still only has a Brad Pitt factor of 2 from having starred in John Q with Dina Waters, who appeared in Full Frontal with Brad Pitt.