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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to show off their love by starring in another movie together

Back in May, we reported that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were considering starring in another movie together, perhaps as a way of proving to all other couples out there that they are the best.  After all, you and your significant other don’t make movies together and take care of a bunch of adopted children and get all dressed up for constant award shows. You may do one or two of those, but only Brad and Angelina do them all. Anyway, Indiewire is reporting that Universal has confirmed that the two are going to star together in By The Sea, a film that will be written and directed by Jolie.

Other than the fact that Jolie thinks Universal is great and Universal thinks Jolie is great, that’s all the real information we can gather from the official press release. The earlier May rumor, though, claimed the movie would be about a couple taking a vacation to try and repair their marriage—something that Pitt and Jolie never have to do because they’re perfect. However, using deductive reasoning we’re able to determine that “the sea” is a generic term for the vast oceans of water that cover most of the Earth, and “by” is a preposition that means being near something. That means someone might go “by the sea” if they’re going on vacation. This suggests By The Sea would be an appropriate title for a movie about a vacation, so that’s probably what the movie will be about, and it will probably also involve the ocean in some way.


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