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Brad Garrett, Lisa Lampanelli join David Chase's rock 'n' roll movie

Finally moving beyond The Sopranos galaxy and its adjacent Boardwalk Empire star system, David Chase has lined up a few more key cast members for his feature directing debut The Twylight Zones, hiring Brad Garrett to “bring a funny, wry intelligence” to the part of a composer/producer working with the 1960s teenage band at the movie’s center. No doubt Brad Garrett’s character will find them somewhat exasperating, causing him to bellow grumpily while swatting at them with his meaty Brad Garrett paws. He joins other recently announced cast addition Lisa Lampanelli, insult comic and designated vagina-joke at many a Comedy Central Roast, who will play the aunt to the young rock ’n’ roll hooligan driving James Gandolfini crazy. She will most likely be loud.

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