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Brad Garrett in talks to star in another show where he'll play a tall, cranky, middle-aged guy

Tall, low-voiced guy Brad Garrett is co-writing a pilot based on his life as a tall, low-voiced guy. Garrett signed a deal with ABC to adapt his book, the crudely titled When The Balls Drop, into a TV script. The single-camera comedy centers on a divorced dad ideally played by Garrett who, just like a single mom, juggles work, home, family, and a social life, all while struggling with what it means to be middle-aged.

Given the recent success and/or failure of shows like Dads and We Are Men, there's always a chance that Balls could fail to develop into a mature, actual show. If that’s the case, Garrett has a backup plan: The Everybody Loves Raymond alum also signed a talent deal with 20th TV that gives the studio permission to cast him in an existing pilot, should his Balls not find a warm, supportive home.


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