Scream Queens

Season one of Fox’s Scream Queens wasn’t a big hit among critics or audiences, but the network says it did will enough among online streamers and social media influencers that it was renewed anyway. As we’ve previously reported, the show is leaving its sorority-themed setting behind for season two in favor of a hospital, and now co-creator Brad Falchuk has announced some more details about what social media’s favorite group of serial killers/suspects/victims will be up to. This comes from Variety, which notes that the hospital setting will “draw inspiration from the classic horror franchise Halloween,” even though only a few minutes of the first movie take place in and around hospitals. (But whatever.)

Halloween veteran Jamie Lee Curtis will be reprising her role as Dean Cathy Munsch in season two of Scream Queens, and she has apparently “moved on to great success” since the finale. Now she’s running a presumably spooky hospital where she can “take on the cases no one else will take and the conditions everyone says are incurable.” On that note, a number of characters from season one will be patients in the hospital, including Emma Roberts, Abigail Breslin, and Billie Lourd, with Keke Palmer’s character trying to get a job as a doctor. Niecy Nash’s Denise is now an FBI agent tasked (conveniently) with investigating problems at the hospital, and Lea Michele’s Hester will be “intimately involved” in whatever’s going on—though Variety doesn’t say how, just that it’ll be murder-related. There will also be three new characters, all of whom are reportedly “studly doctors.”