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Brad Bird and Damon Lindelof's 1952 has a new, more Disney franchise-ready title

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Now that it’s been firmly established that the Brad Bird and Damon Lindelof’s mystery Disney project 1952 was not just a smokescreen for the relaunch of Star Wars, the film has finally been allowed to reveal itself in a way that poses more questions than it answers, as one has come to expect from Lost alumni. The project now bears the title Tomorrowland, thus folding itself neatly into the array of all those other projects spawned from the Disney supercomputer tasked with designing multimedia franchises from its remaining untapped theme-park attractions.


Beyond that, all that’s known is that Tomorrowland is live-action and stars George Clooney, Lindelof is co-writing the script with a guy well-versed in praising his cleverness, Entertainment Weekly’s former Lost recapper Jeff Jensen, and—despite some earlier rumors—Lindelof says explicitly that it’s not about aliens. There’s also the photo seen above that was posted to Lindelof’s Twitter, reportedly showing the film’s box of “inspiration.” EW points out that it contains a book on aeronautics, a back issue of Amazing Stories featuring Buck Rogers’ first appearance, and several photos of Walt Disney just hanging out, probably bitching about unions.

Add this to the fact that 1952 was the year Disney first recruited his Imagineering division, bringing them aboard to develop ideas for the park that could, decades later be turned into movie franchises once all the imagination was used up, and it’s possible that Clooney will be playing one of those Imagineers. It’s also possible that the film will be 90 minutes of George Clooney watching Captain EO.

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