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With the grace and aplomb of your least-favorite grandpa visiting the kid’s table to hold forth on “what’s wrong with the world today,” president of the United States Donald Trump took to the Boy Scouts Of America’s Jamboree last night to ramble incoherently to a crowd of 40,000 impressionable little minds.

While children are notoriously fascinated by political sniping and meandering reminiscences of long-past friendships with successful (then not successful!) businessmen, the adults of America—if their Facebook posts and tweets are any indication—were a little less thrilled.

The takeaway? Well, for one, the Boy Scouts award something called the “Silver Beaver,” but, for another, nobody seems all that cool with the president taking the opportunity to crow about his political platform in front of thousands of wide-eyed kids.


Some, in fact, draw comparison to another famous leader who, though he spoke in complete sentences, also loved to espouse the value of loyalty and the utter annihilation of his political opponents at youth rallies:


The address hasn’t gone down smooth with many, but we can perhaps take heart in the positive life lesson it taught to the future generation of Americans: Even the worst and least likeable citizen of the country can ascend to the highest office in the land.

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