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Boy Scouts Of America changes name to Scouts BSA as it prepares to welcome girls

Photo: Justin Sullivan (Getty Images)

Last year, the board of directors for the Boy Scouts Of America voted unanimously to begin allowing girls to join the organization, a decision that had more to do with declining membership than the growing influence of Social Justice Warriors or whatever. Today, the organization made another announcement that will probably infuriate boring Fox News types, with NPR reporting that the Boy Scouts Of America program will now be renamed Scouts BSA to reflect that it’s no longer all about boys. The larger organization will still be known as Boy Scouts Of America, but the specific group that is now allowing girl members is getting the new name.

The Cub Scouts program, which is for younger children, has already opened up to kids of any gender and has “thousands of girls” already enrolled. Scouts BSA will open up for girls next year, giving all kids a chance to reach the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout for the first time. Meanwhile, the Girl Scouts organization is presumably still opposed to this idea, as it suggested last year that the BSA’s decision to abandon the gender split was an attempt to undermine the Girl Scouts.


Really, the best way to settle this feud is to let kids join whichever organization they choose, which we’re just now remembering was the plot of a Parks & Recreation episode.

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